What are .zip files?

.zip files are larger files that have been compressed so facilitate a faster downloading time. To open the files, you will need a program like 7zip to open them. You can right click on the folder & extract the files to your desired location. They can then be stored as individual tracks to your computer for you to access offline anytime.

How can I access the Audio Tracks on Apple devices while offline?

Currently, some Audio Tracks (like the Peaceful State of Mind track) are available for direct play through the members area (it may take a few seconds to load & plays automatically), however, this feature streams from our website & must be used with an internet connection. In order to download the audio tracks onto Apple devices (due to the restrictions on Apple products & the link with iTunes) users have to sync the files from their computers into their own iTunes accounts.

What if I don’t want to use iTunes or have an Android device?

If you do not wish to use your iTunes account, or if you wish to have the audio tracks for offline access stored in your Apple device, we recommend installing & using DropBox. You can install DropBox & sign up for a free account at www.dropbox.com

We recommend creating a new folder entitled “Affirmation Cuff Audio Tracks” within your dropbox account, & copy/pasting the tracks to it in order to leave the original downloads on your computer. Once this is added you will see a green tick mark next to each title.

Look for dropbox in the Apple Store (or Play Store for Android users) & install it for free on your mobile devices. You can now access the track within your account.

To make the track available offline from your devices, simply click on the down-pointing arrow on the right next to the title & select Make Available Offline. The track will be downloaded into your phone & stored in the dropbox app, ready to be played even when there is no internet connection.

DropBox will continue to play the track in the background even if you are browsing other apps on your phone, or if you have locked your screen to save battery.

This will also work for Android devices. We recommend using DropBox as it is the easiest.

Another way to transfer the audio track to your mobile devices is to use Google Play Music. Both Apple & Android devices support this platform & it is available to download both to your computer & as an app on your phone.

If you already have GooglePlay installed & have downloaded your audio tracks, tap the 3 verticle dots next to your track title. Select “Download” & it will begin downloading to your device. To view downloaded only content within GooglePlay, tap the 3 horizontal lines & toggle the “Downloaded Only” option  to view tracks that have been stored directly to your device.

I hope you found this article useful & please do not hesitate to contact me at Nancy@AffirmationCuff.com if you have questions.