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Details: This is a super high quality funnel which focuses on how to allow people to gain more confidence through positive-thinking, mindfullness & affirmations so that they can start living their best lives now.

This sleek Affirmation Cuff gives the wearer a constant reminder that they have what it takes in them to make big changes. It provides a boost in confidence & energy for mental support & motivation.

Product Name: "ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME" Affirmation Cuff

Package Price: FREE + Shipping of $12.95

Commission: 50% (frontend) - 75% (backend) - Paid through Clickbank. Visit to register for a new Clickbank account if you don't already have one.

Affiliate Contact: Vickie Chang -



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Swipe Copy Email - Affirmation Cuff Sales Copy

Below you will find a pre-written email to send to your subscribers telling them about "ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME" Affirmation Cuff.

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Free “ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME” Affirmation Cuff (limited supply)


Hey {!firstname_fix},

I just got word that we have 25 of these Affirmation Cuffs in the warehouse that they are going to let me give away.

This could be the coolest wearable affirmation you’ve ever seen:

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]

[Insert Photo Of Product]

Click below to claim yours now.

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]

Remember there are [INSERT NUMBER / hundreds of] people on my mailing list getting this email. The last time I held a giveaway, they were all CLAIMED in a couple of hours.

So if you snooze, you’ll definitely lose.

Better get them while you can.

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]

Talk soon,

[Your Name]



Affirmation Cuff Giveaway!


Dear {!firstname_fix},

We JUST got these in and I only have a few.

This is a brand new wearable affirmation design and it rocks.

Check out the sleek, minimalistic look – I love it.  

[Insert Picture of Product]

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]


Talk soon,

[Your Name]

P.S. These are going to go quick!   If you see a wait list page, you’re probably too late.

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]



ACT FAST! Free for the first 99 to claim!


Hey {!firstname_fix},


How would you like to become one of a select few to get your hands on a great new positivity-bringing piece of jewellery?




Click below check out the brand new “ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME” Affirmation Cuff…

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]

[Insert Photo of Product]


Having trouble with the Law of Attraction? Struggling to get those affirmations out?


Test out this latest wearable reminder here:

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]


Similar wearable affirmations to this one sell for $29.95 and more - but act today & you can gets yours FREE!


Don't just take my word for it.


Click here to try it out for yourself, you’ve virtually nothing to lose.  

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]


I want to ship you one of these sleek affirmation cuffs right now, so that you can personally use it for FREE.


And don't worry. I'm not going to ask for it back or anything like that.  


Click here to get your hands on one now…

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]


We’ve managed to snag a very small run of these from specifically for our [INSERT subscriber list name here], and the one you get it yours to keep. (Together with a couple of AWESOME bonuses!)


No Strings Attached.


But if you want one you’ve got to hurry! I only have a few of these left and you need to claim yours NOW.


Click here to claim yours now…

[Insert Your Unique Clickbank Hoplink]


Talk soon,

[Your Name]

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