About Us


Affirmation Cuff is run by Nancy Castro (MBA), a passionate Author, Confidence Coach & Reiki Practitioner who inspires students through the use of the Law of Attraction & personal belief. 

Nancy is the owner & founder of The Center of Confidence, where she helps clients realize their full potential by hosting group workshops as well as one-on-one sessions either in person or online. She is an Agent of Global Change who isn’t afraid of delving deeper to bring about transformation at a soul level.

Coming from a small town in Idaho, her passion for helping people began early on and it has stayed with her ever since. It was Nancy’s life-changing soul journey to Paris that allowed her to find her most genuine self, which ultimately led to discovering her calling and her involvement in playing a lead role in Sisterhood Connections​​​, where she serves as the Director of Empowerment.

As the dedicated Confidence Catalyst, she created the program “Keys to Confidence.” This program empowers people to reignite the belief in their inner power and unlock their potential to be able to recreate their life canvas.

Additionally, she co-hosts “The Sisters,” a show that focuses on a multitude of topics helping individuals with conscious conversations and highlighting hot and current topics. Nancy is deeply committed to helping people to feel both beautiful inside and out and is the proud owner of AffimationCuff.com.

Nancy’s passion is empowering people and supporting their journey through the changes they choose to adopt to create; helping them to shift their attention to see the doors of endless possibilities in all areas of their life; embracing their uniqueness by loving themselves unconditionally.

Her goal is to inspire people who desire to re-create their story; helping them to break away and let go of their old way of thinking and believing and embracing new choices, new thoughts, and new paradigms.

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Why an Affirmation Cuff?

Nancy believes that the “ALL I NEED IS WITHIN ME” Affirmation Cuff, together with the 2 amazing bonuses (11 Ultimate Secrets to Building Self Confidence & Overcoming Self Doubt, Peaceful State of Mind Audio Track) is the perfect accessory for any positivity-seeking enthusiast.

It serves as a wearable reminder that you have everything it takes to be your best self. The Affirmation Cuff helps to keep you positively-charged so that you have the confidence to take on anything.